5 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Cat

It’s widely known that cats usually do a good job grooming themselves, which leaves people wondering if they need to brush their cats. Even if your cat’s coat is in great condition, it’s still important to brush your cat.  The Refined Feline explains below, 5 reasons why you should regularly brush your cat.

1. Brushing Keeps The Hair Under Control

All cats with hair are going to shed. The amount of hair will vary per cat and by the  season, mostly shedding in fall and spring.  But when you have a cat, you should expect cat hair on pretty much everything you own, including cat towers. Regular brushing will collect a good amount of the loose hairs that would otherwise be flying around. This is good news for you as well as how often you have to clean all that hair!

2. Brushing Your Cat Can Reduce Hairballs.

Cats can often struggle to cough up hairballs, which no cat parent enjoys experiencing. And nothing wakes up a cat person faster than a cat coughing up a hairball at the foot of the bed at 3 am. During the grooming process, cats ingest hair and it collects in their stomach, coming up later. By removing some of the hair through brushing your cat, they will have fewer hairballs. 

3. Brushing Keeps Your Cat Healthy

It can be tough to regularly check on your cat’s health and coat when they aren’t used to being handled. If this sounds all too familiar, try to get your cat used to being brushed. Let your cat see and smell the brush as much as they want before approaching them with it. Your cats may discover that they love being brushed! If they don’t enjoy it or run away, you can always try another kind of brush. If and when you’re able to brush your cat, use this time to check for bumps, scratches, tender areas, or anything abnormal. 

4. Brushing Helps Your Elderly Cats 

Younger cats are typically more capable at grooming themselves than older cats are for a handful of reasons. Cats end up using their flexibility, sense of smell, and eyesight when grooming, but these can deteriorate as they age. So, getting your cat comfortable with being brushed when they’re young will make it easier to continue the habit as they age.

5. Brushing Brings You Together

Brushing can be a pleasant experience for the both of you once your cat is comfortable with being brushed. Brushing feels great for most cats and is how they often bond with other cats. So, you and your cat can enjoy some great time together while also making sure your cat is well-groomed. Your cat may even attempt to groom you with a few licks.

Brushing Is Ideal For Both You & Your Cat

Regular brushing can have positive effects on your cat’s physical health as well as their mental health. Consider doing some research and finding a cat brush that you think your cats would enjoy. Give treats to your cats at the end of each brushing session. This will ensure that it is a positive experience that you can continue throughout the years.