8 Facts You Should Know About Labrador Retrievers

Topping the most famous breeds list for over 28 years, the Labrador retrievers are America’s favourite dog. The reason behind this is they are easy-going, loving, full of energy, and also family-friendly all-rounders, whether they are at home, on the couch, or in the field. But their name is sometimes misleading because they don’t hail from Labrador but from Newfoundland. There, their work was to retrieve the ducks and fisherman’s mates until the nineteenth century when English nobles brought them to the UK and set about purifying and standardizing them. Now, you can even purchase Labrador puppies for sale.

This article is going to let you know about Labrador Retrievers:

  1. Labs are in love with the water

Their thick tail, which often is called an “otter tail,” is used as a strong rudder, their webbed feet help in swimming quickly and even in cold water, and their thick, waterproof coats keep them happy, like the chilly Newfoundland waters from where they first were bred. All these traits make Labs a good competitor in Dock Diving trials.

  1. Labs are specially bred hunting dogs

You’ll find that Labs excel in Retriever Field Trials and Retriever Hunting Tests. They began as duck retrievers, and after coming back to England in the 1800s, they were bred as game-hunting partners by the British. They now are perfect retrievers that work in various settings such as Labrador Kennel Ontario, which also includes waterfowl hunting and game hunting, sometimes for numerous hours at a time.

  1. Labs are versatile, which means they can do nearly everything

Because they are intelligent, eager to please, and willing to work hard, Labradors are precious workers in different fields. They are also among the most famous options for service dog work, search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and therapy dog work.

  1. Labs are prepared for unlimited energy

They may be famous for their laid-back personality, but Labs were bred to run, swim, and work. Labs not receiving ample exercise, which includes at least one long, brisk walk every day, may show destructive behaviours like chewing on things around the house or exiting the yard.

  1. Classes to train puppies in obedience are highly suggested

Getting proper training and socialization is essential because these bold, bouncy dogs are powerful and energetic. But because of their eager-to-please personality and intelligent demeanours, both the dog and owner can enjoy the training classes.

  1. They are yellow, black, or chocolate

All these colours of Labrador Retrievers are displayed in the exact ring during confirmation dog shows.

  1. They are bred for marvellous versatile sporting dogs.

With all their characteristics, Labs are good at various dog sports. They also perform excellently in Agility, Rally, and Obedience, besides being good in dock diving and hunting trials.

  1. Their colour does not indicate their character

Because just like people, every dog is different, and some breeders develop their stock for its skills in the field, while others concern more with conformation to the breed standard. No differences, however, are directly dependent on the dog’s colour. Some say that yellow Labs are the laziest while blacks are the leading hunters, but science does not agree with any of these claims.