Benefits Of A Raw Diet For Dogs

Raw dog food is more natural and less processed than commercial pet foods. Others feed their pet’s raw food because it makes sense if they eat a healthy, balanced diet. Others feed raw because dogs love it. Raw food has many health benefits, including:

Healthy Joints And Bones

Bones are best able to support other bones. Calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, marrow, collagen, and chondroitin are all found in natural bone. All these components promote healthy puppy growth and lifelong joint and bone health in dogs.

Immunity Boosted

To fight infections, keep your immune system strong. All-natural ingredients are highly digestible and help dogs’ immune systems thrive. Raw muscle meats have easily digestible protein, an immune booster, and cooking does not deplete raw meat proteins’ fats, vitamins, and minerals. Providing your dog with various fresh meat proteins improves its overall health.

Veggies and fruits are full of essential minerals and vitamins. Citrus fruits, carrots, and leafy greens are rich in vitamins C, A, and K, respectively. Uncooked fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are good for pets. Superfoods like wheatgrass, kelp, and garlic can improve your dog’s diet. These superfoods also aid in enhancing their immune systems.

Skin And Coat Improved

In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, raw diets are rich in antioxidants, which help maintain healthy skin and hair. Dogs with allergies or reactive skin conditions benefit significantly from the anti-inflammatory properties of good omega fats.

Good Teeth

A poor diet, especially one high in processed foods or carbohydrates, can lead to poor dental hygiene. Providing our dogs with raw, meaty bones is like giving them a natural toothbrush, removing plaque between their teeth.

Stool Volume And Smell Reduced

Highly digestible ingredients in your pet’s diet absorb and use more of what goes in, so less comes out. Our puppies’ digestive systems absorb as many nutrients as possible, and dogs have difficulty digesting and absorbing soy, potato, corn, and rice. These ingredients can bulk up your dog’s stool and cause a strong odor. There is less waste in the feces of those who eat a raw food diet because most raw foods don’t contain any fillers or carbohydrates.

Improved Fertility

In 2009, experts monitored the effects of a 100% raw food diet on Queensland Guide Dog colony numbers. According to Guide Dogs Australia, there were more dogs in each litter, as well as healthier pups and healthier brood bitches and stud dogs.