Britney Spears spends a fortune on her pets

Britney Spears’ finance office revealed what she earned and spent in 2019. The numbers are staggering. In one year, the pop diva earned US $15,395,410.53. Most of Britney’s income comes from her Las Vegas home. At the end of 2019, she had an estimated net worth of $72 million. Besides filling her pocket with millions, she also spent it willingly – a total of US$ 11 million. Moreover, Britney divided all the money between children, cars and pets. The singer spent more than $37,000 on her pets. The signer has three dogs, namely Lacey (a white Maltese), Porscha (a Doberman), and Hannah.

We cannot spend a fortune on our pets like Britney Spears’ Dog. However, by following some simple steps, we can bring good health to the. It seems that dogs are all-terrain animals. They withstand any weather or meteorological phenomenon. The truth is that our pets need different care depending on the season of the year in which we are. The dog’s fur is its main weapons against bad weather and cold. Therefore, now that low temperatures and winter are coming, we must pay more attention if possible to the care of our faithful friend.

Basic kit 

Whether you have a dog or a cat, it is important to put together a basic kit for their care – bed, crate, containers for food and water, necklace, leash, toys, and of course, all your love. Of course, this kit can vary depending on the needs and characteristics of the animal.


Pluto, Teddy, Simon – make sure you identify your furry very well, with a tag that contains the pet’s names and the owner’s data or through options such as the microchip, which is a small capsule that is implanted under the skin and contains a unique code, which allows them to be easily identified. Perhaps we will go for a tag.


Whatever type of food you are going to give him, make sure to choose it with the help of your veterinarian and to provide him with a healthy and balanced diet. He should always have fresh and clean water and it is important that you wash his dishes daily.

Cleaning and ‘beauty’ care

That your furry is in good health will also depend on keeping it clean, free of fleas and ticks. In the case of dogs, pay attention to brushing. It is important to bathe your dog once a month using products for him, as his pH is different from yours. For its safety and well-being, do not use products for humans – neither shampoo nor apron cream.

Choose a good vet 

Just as you surely have a family doctor, who you consult any discomfort you have, it is important that you look for a professional who takes care of the care and health of your pet. Look for a professional veterinarian with proven experience.

Exercise for furry

Regardless of their breed, all cats and dogs need exercise, so it is important to look for fun options with them. In the case of dogs, consider options such as jogging beside him, playing with the ball, etc. for cats, a good idea is to give them flashy toys.