Does Your Cat Require a Special Diet?

Some cats have particular nutritional needs and you have to be conscious of these to maintain your cat in good shape. There might be special occasions within the existence of the cat when their dietary needs change. It’s at these occasions when diet could be essential that many cat proprietors are unsure what they must be feeding their cats.

Feeding an expectant Cat

Much like around, the pregnant cat needs feeding up. Provide around 7oz (200g) of moist food or perhaps a similar quantity of dry food. If you like to create fresh foods for the pregnant cat, the daily rations will include 2.6oz (75g) of meat, 1.1oz (30g) of grain, 1.1oz (30g) of eco-friendly vegetables, 5oz (15g) of dry yeast, oil and vitamin/mineral additive. Freshwater daily is important. Feed your pregnant cat small meals frequently throughout the day. With kittens taking on room and squeezing the stomach, she will not fit large meals.

It’s important to improve the portions by 20-30% throughout the final three days from the pregnancy to make sure healthy kittens.

Nursing Moms

To guarantee the mother can establish the very best milk on her kittens, she’ll require more potent food in greater quantities than usual. The caliber of this meals are important too. She will have to eat four occasions around normal through the third week after birth so offer her 3 to 4 meals daily. Focus on feeding her 14.1oz (400g) of tinned food or 5.2oz (150g) of dried food daily. Attempt to feed top quality food with low bulk, quite simply just as much nutrients and in a tiny amount of food as is practical.


If your newborn kitten has trouble suckling, it will have to be bottle given. You may need a reconstituted milk formula made specifically for kittens and stick to the amounts around the box. You may also feed them cow’s milk that contains an egg yolk and 2 teaspoons of glucose.

Kittens normally begin solid food three days. If you notice it nibbling at its mother’s food. It is now time introducing foods specifically formulated for kittens. They’ll need small meals around four occasions each day until age three several weeks. This is often cut lower to 2 meals each day at six several weeks and something meal each day by twelve several weeks. At twelve several weeks you are able to feed your kitten normal adult cat food.

Obese Cats or Overweight Cats

For obese or overweight cats you will have to cut lower around the amount your cat is given. Should you routinely supply your cat with special cat treats, you have to stop this because the calorie count is simply too high. Should you leave dry food around for that cat to graze on, you will have to stop this. Confer with your vet in regards to a diet for that obese or overweight cat. I’ve heard that eco-friendly teas are being a popular approach to strengthen your cat slim down. I’d dilute it in the strength that you simply or I’d drink it and employ rather water. Eco-friendly teas are also wealthy in antioxidants and it has no adverse affects if it’s used daily.

Older cats

Older cats have particular dietary needs. The older cat has less energy and can also have urinary along with other health problems. A mature cat could have a sensitive digestive tract and worn teeth which will make eating uncomfortable. Many vets recommend giving the cat a unique diet designed for older cats once the cat reaches seven years. There are lots of packaged food specifically formulated for older cats check your supermarket or store.