Dog’s Intake of water: The Right Quantity

Pets like fresh water. Use automatic drinking fountains that release water as the main container empties. The big advantage, in addition to having fresh water all the time, is the practicality of putting a large amount of liquid in the container and not having to worry about refilling it so often. To Increase Your Dog’s Water Intake  it is most essential. But watch out. Replace the water whenever necessary. There are some simple tips and little tricks that can encourage your dog to drink more fluids:

Use an Automatic Drinking Fountain

Another option is tap water fountains. Some pets adapt very well to this model, and have access to mains water directly. The tap water fountains fit into any external faucet for example in the backyard or on the terrace of the apartment and by licking the mouthpiece, the pet has access to water. But watch out. This type of drinking fountain is only suitable if you have a filter installed at the water inlet of the house. Otherwise your pet will be drinking unfiltered water, which is not good.

Change the Water At Least 3 Times a Day

If you still use a traditional drinking fountain, be sure to change the water at least 3 times a day. Dogs like fresh water, and may refuse to drink if the water is runny, dirty, or hot. But watch out. Don’t leave the water cooler in the sun.

Another important issue: keep the drinking fountain always clean, free of slime and dirt. Wash frequently with water and a soft sponge, and rinse well. And if the water fountain cracks or is badly scratched, replace it immediately. Water is an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria that can be harmful to your pet, in addition to mosquito larvae.

Offer Water after Exercise

Although dogs do not sweat through their skin like we do, they lose water through their tongue. It is through the mouth that their body does thermoregulation, that is, the balance of body temperature, after exercise. Offer fresh water after a good walk. Remember to always take a container of water with you when you go for a walk. Bottles with attached containers or collapsible silicone or canvas drinking fountains are ideal.

Add Water to Food

If your dog feeds on wet food from a can or sachet, or if he eats natural food, he already ingests a food with greater amounts of liquid, which is great. If he eats dry food, you can add some water to the meal. Go test his receptivity. Usually, the water will taste like dog food, and he will eat/drink everything. But watch out. This only works if your pet eats meals, that is, he doesn’t have the food at ease which is not good for his health, by the way. Monitor closely, and throw away what’s left.

Offer Foods That Contain Liquid

Fruits and vegetables that contain good amounts of water, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumber, are healthy snacks and great for increasing your fluid intake. You can also prepare delicious and fun snacks like fruit popsicles.

Play With Ice Cubes

If your pet likes to play with ice cubes, great. Add ice to the drinking water or give him ice cubes to play with. You can also make ice cubes with snacks inside. Food and fruit work very well. Place the snacks in ice cube trays, fill with water and place in the freezer. He will ingest a good amount of water while playing.