Entertaining your Parrot with Safe Parrot Toys

You are the proud parrot owner and are looking for a toy for your pet. The supply of parrot toys on the market is huge. Because you should know that some of them are dangerous for pets because they can harm them.

An important issue in the care of parrots is their toys.

The first thing to look for when buying a toy parrot is the size of the toy and the size of the pet. A parrot toy should be adjusted to the size of your parrot. You should know that today there is a wide variety of toys for large parrots, which are made of thick plastic, great for a large parrot with a strong beak. Well, because a big parrot is strong and can easily break a small toy into pieces that your pet can easily swallow. Therefore, try to avoid small parrot toys if your pet is large.

With small parrots, everything is not so simple. A small parrot may be afraid of a large toy, so try to match the size of the toy to the size of the pet. If you’re not sure which parrot toy is right for your pet, check the label or ask for more information.

Another important aspect is the look of the toy parrot. Remember that the parrot has a strong beak, so the toy should not contain pieces the size of a parrot bite. You should avoid buying parrot toys made up of small parts, as the parrot may tear them off and therefore digest them.

But chains aren’t the only dangerous parts of a toy parrot. Wooden toys for parrots can also be dangerous. So the tree is another important aspect to consider. Parrots are birds that love to gnaw on wood. They do this to find insects hiding in the bark of trees in the forest. So the parrot will always begin to gnaw on a toy made of wood.

Talkie parrot is also a bird that loves to preen and preen. Their instinct tells them to touch or even chew their feathers constantly. It is an unhealthy habit for your pet. Therefore, you should buy a chewing rope, a beneficial toy for parrots, as it allows your pet to practice the routine every day without causing any problems.

Your parrot may catch its feet on clouds and injure itself while trying to escape. But pay attention to the wear on the toy, as it becomes highly uneven and worn. Replace it with a new toy, as bumps can cause accidents for your pet.

There is only one rule for parrot care: use common sense to buy a parrot toy. If you’re looking at a toy parrot and it seems unsafe, don’t buy it. Don’t buy parrot toys that can be swallowed or caught in a paw or beak. And always carefully inspect parrot toys before putting them in your pet’s cage.


Parrots do not like change, like most pets. And the new toy represents an unexpected change in their habitat. Therefore, the toy must be placed under close supervision to ensure that it is not a possible enemy.