Holistapet: The Best Dog And Cat Care With CBD

Cannabis is a drug almost everyone is familiar with – its infamous addictive qualities are known across the globe and due to this very reason, it is banned to grow or sell without permission. However, what one misses to consider is that cannabis is also a medicinal drug that can help one relieve pain and induce a calming state. Holistapet is a product that is made with this exact property of cannabis weed without any of the addictive properties.

However, unlike what many may think, it is a product more exclusively used for pets than humans – mostly due to its various benefits that help in improving the health and temperament of cats and dogs. Most of these products are available in the form of food, oil, treats and catnips for easier consumption by pets as well.

Is CBD safe for pets?

Since cannabis itself is not directly used in the aforementioned products, it is quite safe to use it for cats and dogs. In a nutshell, CBD or cannabinoids are a type of chemical extracted from the cannabis weed that helps calm the nerves of its consumer. This property makes it an excellent remedy for pain and chronic aches as well as insomnia and anxiety without actually getting the consumer ‘high.’

Since animals have a similar nervous system to a human’s, CBD acts as a calmer and pain reliever for the pet and its nervous system. Using Holistapet products after one’s pet’s surgeries or any severe injury can help them recover faster and relatively painlessly.


Just like its effects on humans, CBD also helps in curing insomnia, anxiety and panic in pets. In fact, any pet suffering from hyperactivity can also use such products to calm its temperament down – especially during an important event. In addition to that, CBD can act as an immunity booster for dogs and cats, improving their digestive system infinitely after regular but regulated use.

Furthermore, since CBD does not have the ‘addictive’ component of its mother plant, it is safe to use and remove without any adverse effect on the pet and its system.


In the end, CBD is the non-intoxicating chemical of cannabis that helps a pet with calming down their system and numbing the pain that they may be more sensitive to due to their concentrated nervous system as compared to humans. Thus, products like this can be beneficial for any pet – especially during their therapy or treatment after surgery.