How Big Should a Parakeet Cage Be?

Parakeets, also known as budgies, are active, playful birds and they cherish a spacious room where they can fly around, play and exercise. Therefore, just like humans, parakeets think there is no place that is too big when it comes to living spaces. 

However, since you must consider the bird’s size, wingspan, tail and bar spacing, it can take time to determine the right dimensions for a parakeet cage. Fortunately, the experienced bird care experts at Pets and Animals Tips have got you covered when it comes to choosing the right cage for your feathered companion.

How Big a Parakeet Cage Should You Get?

Although these birds are small, housing is vital to raising a happy and healthy parakeet. You also need to keep in mind that your cage will be housing two or more parakeets most of the time since they should ideally live in pairs. Therefore, consider this when sizing their cage—how big should a parakeet cage be?

The experienced bird care experts at Pets and Animals Tips recommend the minimum cage size should be at least 20-by-18-by-18-inches for one parakeet. However, if you intend to keep multiple parakeets, always go for a bigger cage. The bigger the cage, the happier your parakeets will be.

It’s recommended to get a 30-by-12-by-18-inch cage for two parakeets and a 40-by-18-by-18-inch cage for three. Generally, you should increase the length of the cage by at least 10 inches for each parakeet you add.

Keep in mind that parakeets are horizontal fliers. Thus, the length is much more important than the height when it comes to their cages. You should also look for a cage with enough room for playing and accommodating all the necessary accessories.

What Is the Best Cage for a Parakeet?

When buying a parakeet cage, you should always choose a sturdy and reliable enclosure. Here is an overview of some of the best cages in the market:

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage

The experts at Pets and Animal Tips recommend the Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage as one of the best parakeet cages available. The cage’s dimensions are 31-by-20.5-by-53 inches. This cage size will offer your parakeet enough space to fly and play around. It also has three perches to provide your pet with multiple sitting areas.

Vision MO2 Wire Cage

The Vision MO2 Wire cage is another incredible cage for a parakeet. It’s a high-quality cage, easy to clean and has a sleek appearance. The cage size is 24-by-15-by-34.5 inches, which ensures enough space for your pet to be mentally and physically happy. This cage also has multi-grip perches that have unique designs.

A&E Cage Company Open Top Dome Bird Cage & Removable Stand

The A&E Cage Company Open Top Dome Bird Cage & Removable Stand has a top that opens up, facilitating easy access to your parakeet. In addition, there are slide-out trays that allow an easy cleaning process. Another incredible feature of this cage is its size 22-by-17-by-58 inches.

Yaheetech 69-in Parrot Cage with Detachable Stand

The Yaheetech 69-in Parrot Cage with a Detachable Stand has an incredible design. It is also simple to assemble and comes with six detachable perches, two ladders and two tiers. Its dimensions are 31.89-by-18.31-by-51.02 inches.

MidWestPoquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage

The MidWestPoquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage is ideal for travel and home use. It is a state-of-the-art bird cage that offers a safe and classy traveling accommodation. This cage has a bird-proof door lock, two stainless steel food cups, a cotton rope perch and a wooden handle perch. Cage size is 28-by-18.25-by-5 inches.

Topeakmart Flight Bird Cage with Stand

The Topeakmart Flight Bird Cage with Stand is an incredibly durable enclosure. The cage is made from premium metal, coated with harmless hammer-tone paint. It has two polished wooden perches, an extra storage shelf, four small feeder doors and 360° swivel smooth-rolling casters. Cage dimensions are 24.5-by-17-by-53.5 inches with a gap size of 0.4 inches.

VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

The VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage is made from high-quality, waterproof steel. It is easy to clean, its sturdy and provides a safe parakeet home. Cage dimensions are 32-by-21-by-53 inches with a gap size of 15 millimeters.


The best parakeet cage is one where your bird will live a happy and healthy life. Thus, make sure to prioritize size when buying a cage. For one parakeet, the minimum recommended cage size should be at least 20-by-18-by-18 inches. You should also note that, for every additional parakeet bird you include, add 10 inches in length.