Is It Worth Getting A Family Protection Dog?

If you have been searching for family protection dogs for sale you have to be sure that you are buying from a reputable company where they truly look after the dogs and have fully trained them. Purchasing fully trained dogs is the best thing you can do to keep your family safe when adding a protection dog to your home. It is important that you can keep your family safe from harm and to have a companion and loyal friend in a dog that is there to help maintain a high level of security and safety around the home. Protection dogs add a level of security on top of your home alarm systems and can make a big difference to how easily you sleep at night.

There are a few different benefits to owning a protection dog, let’s look at them:

Fully trained protection dogs

When you get your dog home and they are untrained, you are in for hours and hours of heartache and challenges when training. Any dog can wreak havoc in a home if they are not properly trained. Without housetraining, a dog could cause a mess instead of knowing when to hold going to the bathroom, and an untrained dog can rip up sofas, shoes, and cause plenty of mess and ruin in any room they happen to be in. A fully trained protection dog doesn’t just provide you with an obedient dog that stands guard to keep you safe, they are also fully trained in every other way you need a dog to be.

Keep you protected

The biggest benefit to buying a family protection dog is, of course, that it adds another layer of security to your property, to you, and for your family. After a dog has completed its training as a protection dog is will always be on alert in your home, keeping an eye, ear, and nose out for any unwanted visitors and potential criminal intruders to your home. A protection dog stands as a sentry guard for your home, providing 24-hour security, acting accordingly if someone comes near (or into) your home. A protection dog won’t be scared by noise and will act when their owner is in danger.

A loyal part of the family

Most dogs are loyal to their owners, but a protection dog is on another level of loyalty. They are trained to only react to their owner’s commands and won’t listen to any other person that tries to distract them or give them a command. What this means is that a protection dog won’t accept treats from anyone else, they won’t be soothed by others, and it makes it difficult for an intruder to get into your home as a result. It also means that they are incredibly loyal, like no other dog you’ve had before.

Once you have decided to buy a family protection dog, the next step is to ensure that you can find a reputable source. There are some amazing services that provide family protection dogs for sale alongside doggy daycare services and dog socialisation classes, adding different layers of dog training and protection for your family. With this approach you have a better chance of finding a genuine connection with your dog and keeping your family safe, as the dog will be fully trained and ready to act in the correct manner from day one with your family.