Learn The Reality Regarding The Cost Of Commercial Dog Food Tips For Evaluating Commercial Dog Food Prices

I lately received an e-mail asking my estimation about a few various kinds of pet foods – things i considered the caliber of the meals. Each of your pet foods he requested about (that they was feeding his family) were things i regarded as very inferior foods. I informed him of the and the response was they most likely could not afford a much better food.

As I realize that higher quality cat and dog foods could be two or perhaps three occasions more costly than a few of the cheaper brands, people that think they cannot afford it, regrettably, will ‘pay’ within the finish. Whenever a pet is sick with kidney or liver disease, whenever a pet should be treated for skin irritations and ear infections – vet bills to ‘fix’ the concern cost pet proprietors way over the ‘few cents’ meals to give them quality diet. And I am frequently asked relating to this ‘few cents a meal’ theory – before you question me too, allow me to explain.

Many pet proprietors suffer ‘sticker shock’ when thinking about investing in a higher quality food. They consider the cost tag and gasp when thinking about how quickly Fido or Fluffy eats that bag of food. What they do not know is the fact that with higher quality pet foods, you do not feed just as much – cheap foods have cheap ‘filler’ ingredients that don’t fulfill the dietary requirements of your pet, thus they consume a lot more attempting to obtain the diet their is letting them know they require. Higher quality foods/ingredients supply the animal with quality diet plus they eat typically 1/3 less.

So let us break it lower to cost per meal…

Let us say your dog presently eats 1 cup of food each day. A 20 pound bag of food provides you with about 50 servings. When the food costs you $15.00 for any 20 pound bag – that equals about .30 per meal.

Now with a decent quality commercial dog food – feeding about 1/3 less – a 20 pound bag will give you about 80 servings. When the better food costs $30.00 for any 20 pound bag – that breaks lower to some little under .38 cents meals.

So although the cost tag from the food reads to become two times as costly – it’s really not very true. While using above example, at .30 cents per meal, two daily meals, in a single month you’re spending around $18.00 monthly to give a dog using the inferior food. Using the apparent two times as costly greater quality commercial dog food, at .38 cents per meal, two daily meals, in a single month you’re spending around $22.80 monthly. Under $5.00 monthly difference that can help you save 1000s of dollars in vet bills and add many years to their existence. You have to consider the cost per meal to totally provide the cost from the food consideration.

Here’s what has became of us…for many years we have viewed the tv commercials of commercial dog food. They highlight the language ‘for your dog’s health’ or ‘choice’. We have reliable them and we have adopted their directions to give our pet two or three glasses of food each day. What we should did not know was that individuals suggested two or three glasses of food was necessary since the commercial can dogs eat cornbread food contained cheap inferior diet sources like by-products, meat and bone meal, and grain