Matt Davies Harmony Communities Examines the Perks If Buying a Cat Tree


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows that climbing is one of the cats’ favorite activities, and they frequently do so on their owners’ thighs, where they can sleep, scratch, play, or relax while keeping an eye on their surroundings. When they can gaze down upon their realm from a lofty vantage point, they experience a sense of superiority that gives them a sense of power. If you do not have a cat tree for your feline friend, you may find it climbing on cupboards and other high locations in your home. This is dangerous since your cat may quickly destroy objects while trying to perch, so it is vital to prevent it from doing this. The good news is that if you invest in a cat tree, you can spare your feline friend the stress.

A cat tree, also known as a cat tower, is a tall structure that provides your feline friend with a place to play on, sleep on, relax, scratch, and climb on, among other activities. Some even come with condominiums that the cat may go to at night to have some peace and quiet. Your indoor cat can enjoy various advantages thanks to the use of a cat tower, including the following:


Climbing and perching are two activities that come somewhat naturally to cats. However, climbing will always be a problem for indoor cats because they tend to shatter and destroy objects as they are climbing. Cat towers are available in a wide range of dimensions and heights, providing your feline friend with the ideal structure for perching on while they relax, play, or kill time.

Back Scratcher

The most common reason for an indoor cat to receive a scolding is for scratching inappropriate surfaces, such as the floor, the couch, or another piece of furniture. You might be wondering why cats are so fond of scratching posts and furniture. They do it to relieve stress and mark their territory at the same time. Discovering that your beloved cat has scratched up your pricey sofa can be a painful experience. Some cat towers come equipped with a scratching post encircled by sisal rope or carpeting, providing your feline friend with a surface to scratch on.

Height Equals Safety

Have you ever given any thought to why cats enjoy climbing so much? They do this to ensure everyone’s safety. Cats that live outside may decide to climb trees to survey their surroundings from a vantage point that provides them with the ability to both locate prey and avoid being eaten by alligators. Investing in a cat tower for your indoor cat gives it a place to climb to a comfortable height and hide away when it needs to unwind.

More Room to Roam

If you have more than one cat, the most effective approach to make sure they are comfortable is to provide them with additional areas to climb in. They might expand their climbing area by using the vertical space provided by a tall tower. If you have two cats who do not get along well, this is an excellent way to solve the problem. It would be beneficial for them to have a vertical tower with multiple perches, hideaways, and levels so that they may coexist in the space comfortably.

Confidence Booster

It’s a good idea to get your timid cat a cat tree, especially if it doesn’t like coming out where there are people, because it can help build its confidence. The addition of perches to a cat tower can make the feline feel safer and give it a place to climb, providing a sense of mastery over its environment.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows a cat tower gives your feline friend a place to climb up high, unwind, and experience a sense of superiority. A contented cat will benefit from the addition of this sonic enrichment.