Pet Automatic Feeder Introduction and development

Main functions of pet smart feeder

  1. It is convenient for pet owners to take care of pets and feed them effectively when they are out for a long time, such as working overtime, business trip and travel;
  1. Develop a good habit of regular and quantitative eating, prevent pets from eating too much and getting fat, effectively limit the amount of food pets eat every day, develop a regular diet, and make the food not easy to deteriorate;
  1. When you miss and care, you can watch the little Lord’s every move in real time, and have dialogue and interaction.

Function introduction of the development scheme of pet intelligent automatic feeder

Feeding function

  1. Feed regularly, and the feeder will automatically give food to pets according to the set time every day;
  1. Remote feeding, even if pet owners work overtime, travel, travel and other situations, the feeder can be automatically fed through the app;
  1. Feeding voice play is to record the voice of the pet calling the pet to eat food, and then play it when the food is out, which is used to automatically call the little master to eat food;
  1. Normal feeding information: manual feeding, automatic feeding, abnormal feeding information: blocked food, abnormal equipment, empty food
  1. Power off dry battery feeding to prevent the feeder from working at home;

Real time video voice dialogue.

When you miss and care, you can watch the little Lord’s every move in real time, and have dialogue and interaction.

Feeder networking mode:

  1. Scan QR code distribution network
  1. Distribution hotspot AP
  1. Bluetooth distribution network (optional)

4、 Cloud platforms supporting docking: 1. Graffiti 2. Tutk

5、 Account management: 1. Multiple people watch at the same time; 2. Multi device management

The prospect of pet intelligent automatic feeder

Nowadays, young people have a fast pace of work, overtime, business trip and travel, and can’t often look after their pets. The pet intelligent automatic feeder can liberate the pet owner’s hands and solve the helplessness of not being around for a long time, which well meets the needs of young pet owners to take care of their pets. When both pet owners and pets need to be accompanied, the pet intelligent automatic feeder becomes a good link between the two “even if they are not around each other”, which meets the emotional demands of pet lovers to interact with the “master” anytime and anywhere.

Recently, pet intelligent products with high appearance, good user experience and intelligence (Automation and Internet of things) are obviously sought after by post-80s, post-90s and post-00s pet owners.

In 2021, the sales of pet smart products soared, and the sales of major e-commerce platforms increased significantly, with an overall growth rate of more than 1000%. According to the data released by tmall elf, the sales of pet smart home products increased 58 times year-on-year from November 1 to 8.

With the trend of “anthropomorphic” consumption of pets, pets also began to use their own “home appliances”. Nowadays, pet intelligent feeder has become a common product of pet smart home. Pets have “one step ahead” and entered the smart life.

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