Take the Emotional Decision for Your Pet’s Euthanasia with the Help of a Holistic Vet

No one likes to think of putting their pet to sleep through euthanasia but sadly, this is a decision that many of us have to eventually face. The word euthanasia was derived from a Greek word, which means “good death” There comes a time in our pet’s life when their quality of life starts to deteriorate even after proper medical care. They do not enjoy the same activities anymore as they did before.

This is the time when you might have to take an emotional decision of putting your pet to sleep whether cats or dogs. This is a very difficult decision and you will need the help of a holistic vet.

Call Zendog Veterinary Care PLLC for help and their team will make you feel confident that you are making the correct decision after exploring all other options. You can email, call or text them for an appointment and get all the details through their website http://www.zendogvet.net/euthanasia. They respond to all your queries within a few hours. They serve in areas like NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, and Long Island (Nassau). 

What is the quality of life for felines?

If you own a feline pet and notice some kind of abnormal behavior, you will first visit your vet and hear them talking about the “quality of life” of your pet. This term is to understand whether they are in pain or suffering and not enjoying their lives. The signs that would show your feline pet is in pain and could no longer enjoying the quality of life include –

  • Not eating or drinking properly
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Crying
  • Sitting or lying in an abnormal posture
  • Does not want to go outdoors
  • Avoiding physical touch or contact
  • Shaking excessively
  • Confused or disoriented
  • Wanting to stay in the garden for long hours
  • Change in toilet habits and soiling the floor

How is the pet prepared for euthanasia?

Once you have made the decision, it can take an emotional toll and you might have a difficult time.

  • Talk to a family member or friend for emotional support
  • Get in touch with a holistic vet like Zendog Veterinary Care PLLC asking for a house visit
  • They will explain and make you understand that your decision is right
  • They will choose a space in your house where your feline pet is comfortable
  • Your vet will make a consent form signed by you and then begin the process
  • A sedative injection is given in the vein of the front leg and your pet gets unconscious 
  • In a few minutes, your pet passes away and is relieved from its pain and suffering forever

After your cat is put to sleep, you can choose either a communal cremation with other cats or arrange for getting your pet’s ashes returned to you. You can also opt for burial by taking the body at home and burying them after knowing the legal places for doing so. 

Deciding euthanasia for your pet is quite disturbing but it is good for them as it ends their pain and suffering. Your pet deserves this in return for all the love and companionship they have provided you.