Upgrade Your Pet Walking Experience With An All-In-One-Dog Pet Walking Tumbler Multipurpose 

As much as it is interesting for dog parents to take their furry babies out for a walk, the entire process of carrying water, snacks and poop bag is equally gruelling. And God forbid if you go jogging with them to a distant park. But hey! There’s some good news for all the dog parents out there. With the all-in-one dog walk buddy– Slide Dangbler, you can walk your dog miles after miles without any hassle.

Multipurpose Dog Tumbler: Your All-Time Favorite Companion

The ultra-functional all-in-one pet walking tumbler multipurpose Slide Dangbler gives you respite from the troublesome messy picking and carrying hefty baggage for water, dog snacks and poop bags. Why must keeping dogs hydrated be such an issue when there’s something more intelligent in the market? The innovative tumbler is built with dedicated space to store water, dog snacks/treats and poop bags.

Is Investing In The All-In-One Dog Walk Buddy Tumbler Worthwhile?

The Slide Dangbler has gained immense popularity amongst the pet-parents for all the best reasons.

  • Easy-To-Carry

The all-in-one dog walks buddy comes with a strap that you can slide through your wrist and keep secure. There is no need to tuck them inside your arms, stuff them into your back pocket forcefully, or carry another bag. The portable dangler helps you to take them wherever you like.

  • Convenient Access To Water

Feeding water to dogs when outside is one of the most challenging tasks. However, the Slide Dangler lets your dog quench their thirst quickly and convenient through the easy water access feature. Just press one button and release the water from the tumbler.



  • Easy Feeding Of Snacks

Say goodbye to placing bowls in a proper place. Instead, bring home the advanced the all-in-one-pet dog walking tumbler multipurpose. The sliding bowl of the tumbler lets your dog enjoy their snacks whenever they get the cravings for them.

  • Dedicated Space For Snacks Bin

With the dedicated storage for snacks, now you can carry your dog’s favourite treat, candy bar and more to wherever you go and not just walking. Dogs love the all-in-one dog walk buddy since they can now get their treats whenever they wish.

  • Customize The Tumbler As Per Your Needs

Since you wouldn’t necessarily need all the compartments inside the tumbler when taking them out. You can easily customize the tumbler compartments and add only those you need. For instance, if you need the containers for only water and snacks, you can do so. Or only water and poop bags. What more? You can also carry only the water compartment if you go out for a short walk.

The all-in-one-pet dog walking tumbler multipurpose tumbler is an excellent and worthwhile addition to your dog’s essential accessories collection since they would need them more than often. The tumbler makes every outing and walking experience with your dog wholesome, attractive, convenient and easy.